Adelaide Club Etiquette


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Adelaide Club's Code of Conduct


  • Cell phones are not to be used on the gym floor, locker areas, or fitness classes. Please use The HUB or Lobby area if you need to take a call and please be discreet when doing so.





  • Please ensure your towels are placed in the towel bin
  • Wipe the counters after use
  • Take all of your belongings with you when you leave. Leftover items are donated to charity
  • No shaving in the steam or showers
  • Use discretion when applying perfumes/colognes
  • Sauna is not to be used to dry clothing
  • Ensure your gym attire is clean
  • Put your used towels in the hampers provided


  • PRE-REGISTER FOR THE CLASS IN ADVANCE - Reserve your spot in the class by signing up online or download our app
  • 5 MINUTE GRACE PERIOD – If you’ve registered online, your spot is held for 5 minutes. After this, the spot could be  given to another member
  • KEEP A TIDY SPACE – Please ensure to clean your mats/equipment and return them to their designated area at the end of class  
  • INJURIES – Make instructors aware of any injuries or limitations so they’re able to modify the class for you
  • MINDFULNESS – Please be mindful of those around you so that everyone can get the most out of the class
  • ALL IN THE APPROACH – Bring a positive attitude to ensure you and other members have an awesome experience



  • Non-marking soles
  • Please be responsible in cleaning up after yourself (putting used tissues in the trash, towels in the hampers, etc.)
  • Ensure your clothing is suitable – fresh, laundered clothing 
  • Ensure that you cancel court bookings if you are unable to make your court time
  • Being on time for league games (league player specific)
  • Call your lets
  • Put squash balls back in the container provided



  • Please return cups, plates, etc. to the bar once you are finished
  • Please ring the bell for service if no one is visible
  • We are happy to customize your order/s.  Please let us know when you arrive at the club so we can have it ready for  you upon your departure.



  • Take your items to front desk to check out/pay
  • As a member you can avoid the hassle of carrying your wallet. You can put everything on your account.
  • Please re-hang items you are not purchasing or give to reception to re-hang or re-fold
  • We can customize orders



  • Kindly replace weights and equipment in their appropriate spots
  • Share the space! Please welcome other members and clients to work in with you
  • Avoid dropping weights. The noise can be alarming and result in injury to those sharing the space with you
  • Please wipe down equipment when you are finished 
  • Ask one of our experts for help


  • Please ensure your cell phone is on silent 
  • Be mindful of others’ sensitivities to scent
  • Be mindful of other sessions keeping voices low during conversations
  • No falling, no bleeding, don’t kill the ladybug (real studio rules)



  • Please arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled spa appointment and check in at reception
  • Feel free to utilize the shower, hot tub, steam room, etc. before and after your treatment
  • All of your Spa appointments can be booked online (insert website)
  • Please wait quietly for your therapist in the Spa reception. They will be with you shortly.


Weekdays: 5:30am-10pm  •  Weekends: 7:30am-6pm  •  Holidays: 8:30am-6pm
The Club closes at these times and ask that if you would like to shower/clean up, you head to the locker area 20 minutes before closing to ensure enough time. 

If for any reason, a member makes another member or staff person feel uncomfortable, harassed, or in any way threatens their personal safety, the Adelaide Club has the ability to deny access and have a membership resigned