From the moment you walk in the door until you leave, we have created a welcoming and comfortable community for you to enjoy. To ensure everyone has an optimal experience when they visit the Club, we ask our Members and their guests to observe a few key guidelines for Club etiquette and review our Code of Conduct.

Reception at Adelaide Club

Checking into the Club

Please remember to scan in each time you visit the Club. If you're bringing a guest, please have them check-in at the Front Desk at each visit.

Couches in the HUB in front of the big screen tv

Respect the Space

Treat the Club like you would your grandparents home - we may not have plastic wrap covering the couches, but respect your surroundings and fellow Members.

Athletic wear and shoes in a locker

Athletic Wear

Ensure your athletic clothing is as fresh as a towel coming out of the dryer. We even have laundry service available to make this easy!

Person holding their phone with their workout gear on

Mobile Usage

We know your phone is a part of you but, please use the WorkHUB, lobby, or inquire at the Front Desk about using one of our private meeting rooms when taking a discreet call & avoid occupying strength equipment when using your phone to text, email, go online, etc. 

Man in the gym with Adelaide Club weights


We are a grunt free Club! And to keep the noise manageable, don't drop your weights. If you can lift it, you can put it down. And weights can't put themselves back...crazy, right? 

Towels stacked in the locker room


A towel that isn't placed in the hamper results in a $5 penalty assessed to your account! (We're kidding, but can you imagine how much we'd raise for charity if we did?) Please put your used towels in the hampers provided and do your best to keep the Club clean.

Fusion Studio at the Adelaide Club


When there aren't classes in our studios, feel free to use them! These are shared spaces for Members and staff. But, please don't touch the audio! 

The Adelaide Club steam room

Steam Room

The steam room is meant for relaxing. It can be used after a long workout or for an executive - whatever suits you! What it isn't used for is shaving.

Noeleen boxing in the Strength Gym

Group Classes

Be punctual for Group Classes. We will save your spot for five minutes after the class begins. After that, the class is closed. You don't want to be on the outside looking in! And, please ensure you register and check in (on the app or desktop portal) for classes you wish to attend.

2 Members highfiving in the Strength Gym

Have Fun

Club Life is meant to be fun! You, our Members, are part of the team that makes the Adelaide so great, but we need your help to keep it that way and ensure we all have fun!


Code of Conduct

We hold our Members to a high standard because that's what we expect of ourselves. All Adelaide Club Members are expected to adhere to the policies outlined in our Code of Conduct.

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Workouts are better with friends, and that's why we have an incredible referral program for our Members. Refer a friend to the Club, to be eligible for a special referral present.

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