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Keeping Your Feet Healthy
As we all fought through COVID-19, our living and exercise habits evolved. Our neighbourhoods and favourite walking trails became mini highways of people seeking fresh air and exercise, and those...
Nurture your brain: Get outside.
Want to feel better immediately? Walk to your nearest door, open it, step outside, and take a deep breath. Most of us have experienced how being outside can alter how we are feeling....
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Managing Chronic Pain, Naturally

Nearly 8 million Canadians, or 1 in 5 people, live with chronic pain. Many of those, report that often the pain limits their life or work activities.

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Inside Robert McGlashan's Double Crossing of the Magellan Strait
In November 2022, TAC Member and avid marathon open-water swimmer, Robert McGlashan, without the aid of a special suit, completed a double crossing of the Strait of Magellan – located at the...
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The FOUR Sports of Triathlon Training
While three of the training modalities are obvious – swimming, running, and cycling – there is another athletic endeavour that more and more endurance athletes – including...
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May is Physiotherapy Month

Physiotherapy Month is really about supporting your physio. So, to that end, we encourage you all to vigorously take part in as many different and demanding sports as possible.

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The best way to boost your health ( may not be exercise?!)
Better longevity and quality of life, reductions in risk for cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease… improved mental health including better cognition, creative thinking, optimism,...
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Hold Your Head High

Fabulous fact: People are coming back to the Club and are ready to make themselves and their fitness and wellbeing a priority.

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"75 Hard", "75 Soft", "75 Just Right".
Remember Goldilocks and the Three Bears? While there are likely a few key learnings from that fable, there’s a strong suggestion that extremes are typically unpalatable, but there’s a...
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