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Why Boxing?
Boxing is a Dual-Combat sport, arranged according to specific rules. The primary goal in boxing is to strike the opponent with the knuckle part of a gloved hand without being struck in return. We...
It's not too late.
Hindsight: the insightful, clever guest who arrives to your party far too late. Refuse to let them in. They will leave you with a nasty hangover. Instead – meet Hindsight on the porch, where...
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Recipes to help you transition from summer to fall
September is just around the corner. And with it, comes the beginning of fall and the dreaded back to school season. This year, things feel strange. For many of us, our schedules are about to be...
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What does it mean to struggle?
I won’t speak for you (though I think many – if not all – of you will agree) but the last 5 months have been a struggle for me. I’ve struggled with not seeing friends and...
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Tasty Summer Weekend Recipes

It has been the most beautiful summer! We’ve spent a lot of time in the backyard and around the barbecue trying new recipes and revamping our favourite summer classics.

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What does it mean to be strong? Strong bodies. Strong minds. Both are equally important, and, for many of us, when things get busy and stressful, both are equally neglected. But what do we...
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Your Body
Powerful, capable, and beautiful. I’m describing YOUR body. Unique, different, and exceptional. Yes, I’m still describing you. Quirky, asymmetrical, tight, uncomfortable… Is...
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It continues to be an unexpected, dynamic, strange time. And because of that, there is so much to learn and grow from. One huge discovery for me is how much I have underestimated the power of...
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Just Breathe
You have an extra day to the weekend. Hopefully this is giving you the time and space to slow down a little, relax a little more, take in all the little things in your life that make you smile. Be...
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