206 bones? They're all yours...
Katelyn Sander

206 bones? They're all yours...

Living Well

The human is skeleton is amazing. Check out this dynamic, beautiful video showing the incredible stacking puzzle our skeleton is:

There is so much that is remarkable about the human skeleton. What often hits me is that our bones really make up our centre. Our actual core. The centre of our toes? Bones. Fingers? Bones? Thigh? One massive bone. And really – at the very core of even our core – is a stacked, series of bones.

There’s so much going on around and on top of all our bones, I’m sometimes guilty of forgetting about them. At my peril.

Ultimately what do our muscles do? They pull on our bones to create movement, or – just as important – resist movement so we are able to stay upright: stable, balanced, still, and strong. Of course, muscles respond to the stimulus of pulls, movement. And so do bones. 

When we pull or push against our bones – we ultimately stimulate bone formation. The pull of gravity – for example – can cause our heavy heads to start to flex a bit forward over time. The consistent posture straining towards a computer screen, and typing like mad (as I am presently doing) will cause a forward flexion of the thoracic spine, an anterior positioning of the shoulder blades, excessive extension of the lumbar spine, and anterior tilt of the pelvis. The bones get pulled into positions by shortened and lengthened muscles. But too the bones themselves will begin to reform – to lay down bone – so that the bones themselves are stronger in these positions. Remember – we are not as far from our cave days as we like to think. If we sit for hours throughout the day, our primal instincts are certain we need to be strong in this essentially flexed position in order to fight, to forage effectively, to survive. And so, the body – muscle AND bone – adapts.

What if your body break from your work is a long bike ride? No one would argue the incredible benefit of cycling. But the similarity between a cycling and desk posture is concerning.


Running? Potentially better – but the bias is still movement within pretty much just one plane. Exclusively forward. And the shoulders will often round forward, and neck crane ahead. Especially after a long day at the keyboard.


This is one of the many reasons resistance training is so vital. It can counterbalance the repetitive movements of daily living. It can counterbalance the downward pull of gravity. It can pull our bones the opposite way to how they are being flexed and flexed and flexed so that we create strength all the way around. Our bones really are the centre of our bodies. The centre of our strength. Pillars of a sort. And we need to ensure we pull on them from many different directions. Such that they don’t bend, bend, bend, and break – but stay tall, centred, and strong.

Take care of your bones. Whether you have 206 or 184. You need each and every one.

Inspiration of the Day

“To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone, and a funny bone.” - Reba McEntire

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It’s true, yoga can strengthen your muscles and bones!

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