Strength Lab

Get one rep closer every day.

Our Strength Lab programs combine strength and conditioning training, incorporating a mix of Olympic lifting and calisthenics. We emphasize mobility and movement, with each class pushing you beyond what you thought was possible, forging a stronger, faster and more powerful you.


What you need to know

heart Why it's good for me

Our Strength Lab classes combine different training styles, offering a more well-rounded workout. Our Strength Lab program helps to:

  • Make you stronger
  • Improve your endurance
  • Develop incredible stability
  • Improve your range of motion and mobility
  • Increase your flexibility
  • Develop explosive power
  • Become an all-around better athlete
line-graph Seeing Results

How quickly you begin to see results from your strength and weight training depends largely on your body type and your fitness level. It could be just a couple of weeks or months before you begin to visually see the results of your effort. If you're consistent, you should expect to see improvements in your strength in 8 to 12 weeks.

heartbeat Frequency

Most fitness training programs suggest a healthy balance between cardio and strength training, with a focus on strength training twice a week. Our Strength Lab classes are offered daily, allowing you to select the classes that best fit your schedule.

Our virtual classes.

Due to the COVID-19 shutdown, the Cambridge Group of Clubs is pleased to offer virtual group fitness classes 6 days a week to our Members, led by our talented team of instructors.

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Missed a Class?

If you've missed one of our recent virtual classes, don't worry! We record them all and post links for you to access the recording the next week. Just click on the link, put in the password, and get started!

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Is Strength Lab safe?

Strength Lab is a high intensity program that combines both strength and metabolic conditioning. Each class is very small and has a coach who ensures that participants are moving correctly and safely.

Is Strength Lab for men only?

No! Our Strength Lab is for both men and women! During the workouts, men and women can select the weights that are best for them.

I've never done weightlifting before, is this for me?

The program is inclusive for participants of all fitness levels, but aims to push Members towards their limits in a safe and efficient way. If you are new to weightlifting, please contact Lauren, and she will help you to choose the perfect first class to attend.

How soon should I arrive before my class?

If you're new to the class, please arrive 5 minutes beforehand. This will give the instructor enough time to introduce themselves and get you familiar with the class' style.

Is there an additional cost for Strength Lab?

Yes. There is an additional $55+HST fee for participation in our Strength Lab program. If you have any questions about this cost or joining the program, please contact Lauren.

How do I sign-up for Strength Lab?

If you're already an Adelaide Club Member, please contact Lauren. If you're not a Club Member, we encourage you to book a tour with our Membership team at your earliest convenience by clicking here or calling the Club.

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