Best Group Fitness Classes in downtown Toronto

With the best instructors in the city, our group fitness program offers in-person classes at the Club and an extensive On Demand virtual library. Our wide array of boutique-style workouts guarantees that we offer a class for everyone. Come and see for yourself why we've been heralded as the best group fitness program in Toronto.

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Every class has underlying positive themes...

"The entire RIDE team is incredible. Every class has underlying positive themes and is motivating. The instructors help you to understand how to interpret how the ride is feeling for you and how to improve. Each has their own style, which makes every day a different workout. They also create a great environment of camaraderie and get to know the individuals within the class."

Male member boxing in the boxing area in the Strength Gym at the Adelaide Club


Get moving and raise your heart and breathing rates in one of our daily unique and incredible Cardio group fitness classes.

Two female members doing a twist in a yoga class in the Flow Studio at the Adelaide Club

Yoga & Stretch

Breathe, exercise, and meditate with one of our can't miss yoga and stretch classes that will strengthen your body, mind, and soul.

Fit male member doing a medicine ball slam in the Strength Gym at the Adelaide Club

Cardio & Weights

No matter which comes first, you can strengthen, tone, and work your entire body in classes that combine cardio and weights.

Female member riding on a stationary bike in the Adelaide Club's cycling studio.


Pedal faster, push farther, and power through to the finish in a RIDE class on one of our Stages bikes with any of our inspirational instructors.

Male membership director - Garth - in a plank with kettlebells, working out in the Strength Gym at the Adelaide Club.

Muscle Endurance

It's not always easy to change your body, but these classes will push you beyond what's possible, forging a stronger, faster, and more powerful you.