Personal Training

Personal Training

Nothing beats the one-on-one attention of one of our professional personal trainers. Their knowledge and experience is extensive. As the art and science of health and wellness continues to evolve, our trainers draw on the latest research and methods to bring the best and most innovative approaches to their sessions. Most importantly, our trainers get to know you and how you work, so they can design the most efficient individualized program to keep you on track. You will be motivated in ways you never thought possible, with support and coaching every step of the way. 


What you need to know

goal Purpose

Personal trainers are extremely important to your fitness success - offering the motivation you need to reach your fitness goals. They create personalized workout plans for you,  provide technical support, and track your progression while providing a fun and engaging atmosphere.

heartbeat Frequency

How often you workout with your trainer depends on you. If you rely on the motivation from a session to get you into the Club, you may want to schedule 2 - 3 sessions each week. If your work with the trainer is to check-in on your progress and improve your technique, you may want to only schedule 1 session a week. If you're not sure what's right for you, talk to your trainer or contact Meg.

watch Movements

The types of movements your trainer incorporates into your individualized program will depend upon your goals, your body, and your abilities. Talk to your trainer to learn why they have incorporated specific movements and exercises into your program.

water Lifestyle changes

Working with a personal trainer is about more than just the work you do in the gym. The personalized program that your trainer creates will highlight lifestyle changes to help achieve your goals. It may include adjustments to your nutrition, sleeping patterns, and steps you need to take to improve your overall wellness. Your trainer will help to support, motivate, and encourage you.

line-graph Results

How quickly you'll notice results from your sessions depends on the time you invest each week and what your goals are. You'll see an increase in your motivation, enthusiasm, and energy almost immediately, while increases in muscle mass and fat loss can take a minimum of 3 - 4 weeks.

Never ever saw myself as someone with a personal trainer...

"Kyle Caissie has been amazing. My body comes with a lot of lingering injuries and other issues, and he is cognizant of them at all times - both to fix the issue and also in a way to not further aggravate them. Never ever saw myself as someone with a personal trainer, but Kyle has been fantastic."

Meet Our Personal Trainers

Our personal trainers are among Toronto's finest. They ensure you're always being trained using the best, most innovative approaches. Working with our trainers will allow you to be motivated in ways you never thought possible, all while receiving the support and coaching you need every step of the way. To get connected with a trainer, please contact Lauren.


Personal Training & Group Fitness Director


Wellbeing Consultant, CGoC


Personal Trainer, MAT Specialist, & Ironman Coach



Who needs a personal trainer?

Want the simple answer? Everyone needs a personal trainer!

  • If you're new to working out, a personal trainer can help you build the foundation you need to excel at everything the club - and your life - has to offer. We will educate you about the best ways to workout, teach you about the gym/equipment, and help you to better understand how your body likes to move.
  • If you lack motivation, a personal trainer can be ideal. We will make exercise fun and hold you accountable to achieving your fitness goals.
  • If you've been recently injured or are rehabilitating an injury, a personal trainer can design and modify a program or activity to help strengthen your body while also ensuring a safe and efficient recovery.
  • If you're a competitive or professional athlete, a personal trainer can assist with the most current dynamic and cutting-edge exercises, to ensure you perform to your peak potential and remain injury free.

How long is a personal training session?

The majority of our personal training sessions at the Adelaide Club are 55 minutes, but the length of your session can be discussed with your trainer on an individual basis.

How much does personal training cost?

We can train you four times a week or four times a year. Personal Training support IS for everyone. We will tailor support to fit your interests, your needs, and your budget.

Individual personal training sessions at the Club cost between $95 and $140, based upon the trainer; virtual sessions range from $85 - $125. To determine which trainer is the best match for you, contact Lauren.

How do I get started with a personal trainer?

Call us at 416-367-9957 or email Lauren.

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