Where positivity and
flexibility flow

Yoga at the Adelaide Club

Release the stress &
tension of office life
one pose at a time.

In the Adelaide yoga studio our expert instructors know that yoga is about you, your calm, and your time to unwind.
Our invigorating classes aim to lengthen and strengthen your mind and body, while opening paths to greater wellness and a sense of calm and contentment that is otherwise hard to find on the corner of King and Bay.


Member Profile: Sandra
Sandra has been a member at the Adelaide since 1987 and shared with us four surprising ways how yoga impacts her professional days.
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Yoga meets
fun-ctional fitness

Our open and inclusive studio, expert instructors and extensive list of classes will boost your flexibility and positivity in equal measure. Leaving you with the competence and confidence to tackle whatever life throws your way.
“I did not predict the benefits that accrue to an aging baby boomer who does vigorous yoga at the Adelaide.” ~ Member since 1978
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Your Yoga Instructors

“The instructors are great at the Adelaide. I enjoy how the classes are incorporated into the Club environment. I get the best of both worlds” Member since 2012


Experience: Ian has been teaching at the Adelaide Club since 1997 and started teaching yoga 23 years ago.
Fact: Ian doesn’t play music during his yoga classes and he’s NEVER had anyone complain about it.


Experience: Lori has been teaching at the Club since 1992! She’s been teaching for over 25 years.
Fact: Lori loves to go hard, no matter what type of class she is teaching.


Experience: Robert taught his first yoga class in October of 1999 and has been teaching at the Adelaide since May of 2010.
Fact: Robert orients his classes so they are facing east, as this is where the sun rises. It is the source of light and the direction the earth rotates.


Experience: Susan has been teaching at the Adelaide Club since 1991, bringing her to a total of 26 years being a yoga instructor!
Fact: Susan is strongly influenced by Scaravelli and Anusara styles of yoga.


Experience: Darcy has been teaching at the Adelaide since 2013.
Fact: Darcy also works as a fitness trainer and consultant.


Experience: Jaffer has been teaching yoga at the Adelaide since 2015 and practicing since 2010.
Fact: Jaffer is a fantasy football fanatic!


Yoga so welcoming,
you’ll feel at home

Unlimited weekly yoga classes and don’t worry about bringing your own mat
Different yoga classes to choose from for all levels of experience
Weekly classes: cycling, strength, boxing, pilates - and squash!
weekly classes: cycling, boxing, pilates, and squash!

Club Life
at the Adelaide.

We welcome you to experience Adelaide’s vibrant, active and inclusive Club community by booking a complimentary, 15 minute tour with Garth or Caro, our membership advisors.