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Small Group Personal Training

Everyone can benefit from Personal Training.  But for various reasons One on One Personal Training may not be for you.  And so we created Small Group Personal Training.

Individualized, Progressive, Goal Based Personal Training support in a Dynamic Group Format.
Our goals as trainers: (they are endless!  But here are a few…)
  • Help as many people as possible
  • Create fun safe, dynamic workouts 
  • Teach Members key foundational movements that will improve their day to day movement as well as help them with other activities within the clubs.
  • Teach Members how to use all the amazing equipment the Club houses
  • Create technically and physiologically challenging workouts
  • Create progressive, individualized workouts
  • Increase social connections between members
  • Have fun
All the goals are important.  But they don’t always work together. To that end we have created a dual platform:  We are going to offer three streams of workout support:  Foundational, Progressive and Strength Gym Workshops.
The Foundational Workouts are technically and physically challenging, predominantly body weight-based workouts to improve your overall strength and technique.  Everyone is qualified to attend these classes.  The Club will cover the cost of 2 workouts.  Reach out to the Front Desk and we will credit your account so you can book them.   The simplicity of the workouts will ensure the trainer is able to cue, teach and modify for each individual client.  Even if they only see you the one time!
The Progressive Workouts ensure Clients will progress and be significantly challenged over the course of the 4 weeks.  Each trainer brings their own expertise and passion to series.  Each Client brings their own goals, abilities and challenges.  Each progressive Series Cycle begins the first Week Day of each month and run for 4 weeks.  (If there are 5 weekdays in any given cycle, the 5th workout is on us!  You can even bring a friend to try it out!)  These workouts will cost $100 for the series.  Contact the Front desk or the Trainer running the Workouts to sign up. 
The Strength Gym Workouts give you an opportunity to play with the TOYS in the new Strength Gym with in of our experts!  Your Trainer will ensure you understand how to navigate a variety of awesome exercises/equipment pieces in an effective and safe manner.  Again, all levels welcome and The Club will happily cover the cost of 2 workouts.  Reach out to the Front Desk and we will credit your account so you can book them

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