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Lori Kirwan

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Lori Kirwan
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I started teaching gymnastics when I was in grade 8 and found out instantly that I was meant to work with people and help them become better, faster, stronger, and healthier. I was drawn to nursing science because of the focus on helping people become healthy and learning about how the body works. After completing my masters, I knew I wanted to really specialize in exercise science and I spent over 7 years doing research for my PhD. I have worked in fitness as a group instructor and personal trainer for over 25 years.

I believe that fitness should be fun and, at the same time, based upon science and experience. I have made these three traits the cornerstone of my teaching to make me a leading trainer at the Adelaide Club. I continuously push my clients to work hard and become better versions of themselves using a variety of methods (metabolic conditioning, strength training, power lifting, Pilates, and yoga). I believe that there are no two people that are the same and my diverse and broad background and experience gives me an edge when helping people set goals and establish their individual needs. I can go from the Pilates reformer to the squat rack, to the chin up bar and then to the yoga mat. I wanted to study very diverse areas of fitness so that I am prepared to customize my programs to meet the very unique needs of the people I work with.

I also believe that nutrition is a very significant part of achieving goals in health and fitness. A plan for healthy eating is most definitely a part of programming when working with me. Food is medicine. I believe in eating non-processed, whole food that occurs naturally in nature. If it has a long list of unrecognizable ingredients it is not healthy.