BA, BSc, DC Chiropractor, Clinic Director, Masters ART, FDM, and SFMA provider
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Our Clinic Director, Dr. David Lee, is a graduate of National University of Health Sciences in Chicago, one of the nation’s premier institutions in Health Sciences education. In addition to his professional degree, Dr. Lee earned his Bachelor degrees in Science (University of Waterloo) and Kinesiology (York University) providing him with an broad knowledge base that spans from the basic physiological processes in living organisms to human anatomy and the biomechanics of movement. Dr. Lee is a firm believer in pain prevention through physical fitness, and brings his experience as a personal trainer of more than 10 years to promote an injury free and active lifestyle.

Dr. Lee is a passionate student of biomechanics, the study of human movement. He is certified in Fascial Distortion Model (FDM), Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA), and a Masters provider in Active Release Technique (ART). David enjoys tackling challenging cases deemed “unfixable” by other practitioners.  He believes in results based medicine as much as evidence based medicine, and will exhaust every resource and methodology to get you back to an active pain free lifestyle. His emphasis on the first-line treatment of muscle and nerve dysfunctions for common and stubborn clinical cases has gained him an impressive list of clientele and referral system from medical colleagues throughout the city. 

Dr. Lee is also a passionate student of Leadership, including leadership in business. Dr. Lee has attended numerous leadership conferences to learn from top business and political leaders such as Jim Collins (author of Good to Great), General Colin Powell (former US Secretary of State), John Maxwell (author of several leadership books), Colleen Barrett (President of SouthWest Airlines), Bono (Musician and Aids Activist), and many more. Dr. Lee tries to implement a strong culture of leadership and excellence at the Adelaide Health Clinic. 

Dr. Lee provides various seminars on ergonomics, injury prevention, and fitness topics at top firms throughout the financial district.

Dr. Lee is an adventure seeker and enjoys traveling around the world and activities such as scuba diving, surfing, and is an avid motorcyclist. He is also a sports enthusiast and has played football with York University, and Semi-Professional football in the Northern Football Conference with the Oakville Longhorns. He also enjoys golf, hockey, baseball and snowboarding. 



  • Doctor of Chiropractic
  • National University of Health Sciences
  • Bachelor of Arts Kinesiology
  • York University
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Waterloo University



  • Masters (ART) Active Release Technique
  • Complex Protocols (ART) Active Release Technique
  • Spine (ART) Active Release Technique
  • Upper Extremity (ART) Active Release Technique
  • Lower Extremity (ART) Active Release Technique
  • Nerve Entrapment (ART) Active Release Technique
  • Upper Body (FDM) Fascial Distortion Model
  • Lower Body (FDM) Fascial Distortion Model
  • SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment)
  • Custom Orthotics Certified

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