Pilates & Yoga

Transform and challenge your body.

Get your body moving and feel great with our Pilates and Yoga team. Our invigorating classes aim to lengthen and strengthen your mind and body, while opening paths to greater wellness and a sense of calm and contentment that is otherwise hard to find on the corner of King and Bay.

Pilates will take you through unique movement patterns that challenge your co-ordination, body awareness, and control. At the Adelaide Club, we offer one-on-one and group Mat-based and Reformer Pilates, Barre Pilates, Yoga, and Sport Specific Pilates Training (for alpine skiers, squash players, cyclists, and runners). 


What you need to know

heart Why it's good for me

Offering a full body workout that also works wonders for the mind, the benefits of Pilates are far-reaching. From tightening and toning your whole body to stabilizing and lengthening your muscles, and increasing your overall strength, there are many reasons for you to integrate Pilates regularly into your schedule.

heartbeat Frequency

In his book, Return to Life Through Contrology [Pilates], Joseph Pilates suggests that we practice Pilates at least four times per week. His interpretation would be four full workouts (i.e. a complete classical mat routine or Pilates equipment class). 

While that would be great, we understand that that may not be feasible for you. We suggest you try to complete two Pilates equipment classes each week, with additional balanced Pilates mat work on the other days.

goal Types of Pilates

We offer one-on-one and group training in the following formats:

  • Mat-based Pilates
  • Reformer Pilates
  • Barre Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Sport Specific Pilates Training (for alpine skiers, squash players, cyclists, and runners)
line-graph Getting optimal results

"In 10 sessions you will feel a difference. In 20, you will see a difference. And in 30, you will have a whole new body." - Joseph H. Pilates

Our virtual classes.

Due to the COVID-19 shutdown, the Cambridge Group of Clubs is pleased to offer virtual group fitness classes 6 days a week to our Members, led by our talented team of instructors.

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Missed a Class?

If you've missed one of our recent virtual classes, don't worry! We record them all and post links for you to access the recording the next week. Just click on the link, put in the password, and get started!

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Can I do Pilates if I'm not flexible?

Absolutely! We offer demo Pilates classes and one-on-one sessions that can help if you feel unsure or unstable when you first begin. You're also encouraged to only go as far as you can comfortably with each movement. As you practice more, you'll notice that your flexibility increases.

Is pelvic floor conditioning important? Is it right for me?

Maintaining a strong and flexible pelvic floor is just as important as any other group of muscles in the body. It is a common misconception that only women need to work on strengthening their pelvic floors. While pregnancy can make women prone to pelvic floor issues, both genders can benefit from adding pelvic floor conditioning to their workout programs. Learn more here.

What should I bring to class/my session?

We ask you to bring hydration and socks on your feet. You can fill up your water bottle at any of our water stations throughout the Club. We provide all additional equipment and towels that you will need.

How soon should I arrive before my class/session?

If you're new to the class or are having your first session, please arrive 5 minutes beforehand. This will give the instructor enough time to introduce themselves and get you familiar with their style/the class' style.

How do I sign-up for classes/sessions?

If you're already an Adelaide Club Member:

  • Interested in one-on-one sessions? Please contact Meg.
  • Want to try a Pilates class? View our schedule.
  • Interested in yoga at the Club? Please contact Meg.

If you're not a Club Member, book a tour with our Membership team by clicking here or call the Club - 416-367-9957.

Meet Our Pilates Team

Our instructors are among Toronto's finest. They create an environment that is motivating, engaging, and challenging that will have you returning week after week. To learn which class is best for you or for one-on-one instruction, please contact Meg.


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