Lead Trainer

Staying fit and active came to me at a very young age when my father, a man born and raised in London, England, who had never worn a pair of skates in his life, built an outdoor rink in the backyard to teach us both how to skate. At that very tender age, I realized that in fitness, as in life, there is no can’t, just do!

Having had three children (and surviving the teen years), my passion in fitness also includes nutrition. When my wife became pregnant with his firstborn, I jumped into food-science and what fuels our body best. If I was going to feed a new life, I wanted to make sure that the foods going into this new human would be the best that nature can supply. I am an advocate of consuming foods that fit the human design; keeping this concept simple, I prescribe whole, fresh foods, lots of high fiber vegetables (lots and lots), limited fruits (berries and apples), fat, and protein; slow digesting foods that benefit our design, satiates and lasts longer, giving the human machine better energy and output (whether at work or play!). Anyone who has met with me know they can come to me for healthy, simple, and tasty recipes that emphasize this philosophy.


As the Lead Trainer, I am here to offer support to new and long-term Members alike. I offer ninety-minute bench-marking sessions fueled by my passion for health and wellness, and my desire to see each and every Member succeed. Unique to the Adelaide Club, these one-on-ones with me offer an exploration of each individual’s goals, an in-depth look at how nutrition impacts overall wellness, a full body scan and a discussion of the results, and ends with a workout designed based on the individual Member’s quest.

These sessions are executed with the sole purpose of guiding our Members on the path that will lead them to personal success.


As anyone who has had a session with me knows, the best piece of advice I have ever been given, and is now my life's motto: There is no magic pill.


"You Know My Name" - Chris Cornell


Bread. Toasted. Dripping in butter. Bread.

Since giving up simple carbohydrates (fast digesting foods like rice, pasta…), my cheat meal is toasting fresh bread that I buy from my local bakery and, once a week, savours the butter and sugary badness of this food. Much to the chagrin of my wife and three kids, but to the benefit of my two Golden Retrievers, I experience a burst of bad-sugar highness, and then the brutal crash that comes with it, sending me into a blissful Sunday afternoon nap.