Personal Trainer & Classic Physique Competitor

I’ve always been passionate about fitness as far back as I can remember. I practiced Kyokushin Karate in high school and won several titles in the national championships. Then in my early 20s, I served in the marines for 2 years in South Korea. The training was intense and being fit was an absolute asset. During my service, I recognized that being fit benefited me in ways I had not predicted.

I figured that if it had such tremendous benefits then, I could only imagine how beneficial it would be in the world outside of the army, so I kept it going, besides, I truly loved it. This led me to join a gym and right away was inspired by some incredibly disciplined individuals who took fitness to another level – body building. I quickly connected with a couple amazing mentors which led me to competing myself. Now, I want to help others reap the benefits of fitness, so the next natural step for me was Personal Training – and here I am!

There are numerous reasons why people choose to workout. Whether you want to make progress in your sports performance, reduce health risks, or look and feel great, I will help you achieve those goals. Fitness affords all of us the ability to enjoy a healthy active lifestyle. What’s truly special is that you choose your own goals, my role is to motivate, empower, and make training an exciting and rewarding experience that delivers results.

I take a custom-made approach with each client and create a gratifying workout experience that your body will benefit from way beyond every training session. Smart training is my philosophy (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely). It has transformed my life and helped me to win my 1st place in the CPA (Canada Physique Alliance) Men’s Classic Physique Competition in 2017. I will also be competing again in the near future. Helping others to find their “fit” is now my passion. Allow me to use my expertise to help you transform your life and help you achieve your desired personal fitness goals.

  • Classic Physique Competitor (CPA)
  • Fitness and Health Promotion Program, George Brown College
  • Personal Trainer (PT), Canadian Fitness Education Services (CFES)
  • KB Level 1

"A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds."


"Survivor" - 2WEI


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